Friday, December 2, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes--November

11/2--Brandon's humor has grown up.  He still cracks us up, but most of the funny things he says are not one-liners that are easily captured in a blog post.  Here's an example of how his mind works, "I hate diabolical laughs!  Why does the bad guy always diabolically laugh?  Then the good guy takes his weapon or escapes.  When is he going to learn NOT to laugh like that?"

11/4--Andrew and Caroline were getting ready to race up the stairs to get ready for bed.  Drew tried to talk smack, telling her, "You are going down!"  It went right over her head and she said, "No, I'm going UP."

11/10--I was reading Care Bear a book about ponies.  It said, "Caring for a pony is hard work."  She said, "Yea, ponies are heavy!  Carrying a pony WOULD be hard work."  Apparently I need to work on my annunciation.

There go her dreams of pony ownership.

11/13--We were sitting in sacrament meeting at church.  The kids usually draw or take notes while we listen to the speakers.  Caroline had drawn a picture for Andrew, but couldn't find it.  As we were looking around our pew, she told me, "Maybe you ate it!"

Or did SHE eat it?

11/20--We were getting ready for church this morning and all three of us girls were in the bathroom at the same time.  Whit was looking in the mirror and asked, "Why are my eyes so sparkly?"  Caroline told her, "Maybe because you're a rock star!"

Awfully camera shy for a rock star.
(Unlike her mom who's hamming it up in the background.)

11/20--I wore my favorite dress to church today--a pretty red one.  I don't wear it very often.  When I came out of my room, Whitney said, "You...look...fabulous."

She knows how to make a mom feel good!

11/21--Caroline has started noticing stop lights.  We have talked about the different colors and what they  mean.  Shortly after that, she got very concerned when I would go through a red light because red means STOP.  We got to have a driving lesson about turning right on red.  Well, she is obsessed with that now.  At just about every intersection, she'll give us a driving play-by-play.  "Straight on green."  "Right on green."  "Oooh, left on yellow."  But her favorite is, "Right on red!"

 Backseat traffic cop

11/22--I don't know if this is a nationwide phenomenon or just a North Carolina thing, but many of the pawn shops that buy gold hire someone to stand outside on the street corner and draw your attention to their store.  One of our local stores has the man dress up in a huge banana costume.  Hilarious.  When we saw him today, Care Bear told me, "I want one of those giant banana costumes for my birthday!"

Birthday wish

11/23--Christmas music has started playing on radio stations.  When we were listening to "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" and there's the line that says, "He sees you when you're sleeping..."  Brandon piped up from the backseat, "Stalker!"

You can't fool this guy, Santa!
A couple of random photos:

Yee haw.

B-train is into origami right now.
This is one of my favorite creations he's made.


  1. Ha ha Brandon. Santa is a stalker. And I love the pic of you and the girls.

  2. That picture of you 3 girls is so cute! Did you photoshop it or is that straight off the camera? Just curious.

    I've also thought that song makes Santa sound like a stalker. Just like the song "I'll be Watching You"....creepy...

  3. Amix--Thanks! That was from this year's family photo shoot. I'm going to wait to post them all until after we mail our Christmas cards, but there's a little sneak peak of a shot that's not on the card. :)

  4. And I guess that didn't really answer the question. My friend, Toni, took our pics this year and I'm sure she edited it, but am not sure exactly what she did.

  5. NC is not alone - one of our "we buy gold!" stores has a dancing chicken outside. well, had. it's sorta getting cold now, and altho those suits are stuff, i am not sure they're very warm...

    also, love the stalker quote and the pics!!

  6. Okay, "...stalker!" made me laugh out loud. Brandon is hilarious. Also loved the picture of him with the one raised eyebrow :) I think it's so cute that Whitney compliments her mom! And Caroline will be taking driver's ed in 12 years - she's getting ready!
    Thanks for the great tradition of these sayings from your kids.
    Grandma Sweat

  7. Tell Caroline that here in Denmark I have had to learn the red lights all over again.

    No right turn on red!
    Also, the light sequence goes green, yellow, red, YELLOW AGAIN then green.
    And bike lanes have their own (littler) stop lights.

  8. Great post as always :)
    Love that pic of you and your girls darling!