Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We had a fabulous holiday weekend and are in denial that we have to resume our normal routines tomorrow.  Andrew, especially, needed a break after a terrible and emotionally draining week at work. 

The kids had school off on Wednesday.  B-train spent some time at a friend's house.

The girls and I started baking.
Mmmmm...pumpkin pie.

This year, we got together with our friends, Chris & Tiffany and April & Ben.
 We've been friends since we all moved to NC,
when we were young(er) couples with one kid each.

Look at what happened in the last eight years!
Tiffany agreed to host at her house (Yipee!) and all of us pitched in with the meal.  Andrew was in charge of the turkey.  He brined it again and it was his best turkey yet--moist and tasty.  We also brought a chocolate toffee pie, Grandma Cuca's red jello salad, rolls, a veggie tray, and asparagus--my kids' only request. 

Our feast was scrumptious.

And we had pies galore.

The kids had a BLAST together.
jumping on the trampoline,

watching the big kids jump,

playing the wii together,
board games,
and just hanging out.

And we didn't break up a single fight among these kiddos.
How is that possible?
We didn't ask, just counted our blessings.

The grown-ups had fun watching football,
playing a little game of football with the kids,
burned off some of our calories playing Just Dance,
played Apples to Apples and Scum.
And watched more football.

When we can't be with family for the holidays, 
I'm grateful to share them with such good friends.


  1. So fun! You guys almost had a pie per person! Ha ha ha.

  2. How fun! Looks like you had a great time. All those pies look great too.

  3. So much fun! We need to hang out. I've been looking for reasonable fares for forever and haven't taken the plunge yet... but bad sweaters, Just Dance, Scum, and good food sure are calling my name. :)

  4. Megan--so glad to hear we're still on your radar. Just let me know when the prices drop and you're on your way! :)

  5. Have you really been in NC for 8 years?!

    We played Apples to Apples also:)

  6. Loved reading about your Thanksgiving! If I counted the kids right, each couple has three?
    Grandma Sweat

  7. Actually, Mom, there is one baby that is not pictured, bringing the total to 10. :)