Friday, November 18, 2011

More BMXing

We have had some GORGEOUS fall weather last week.  Too nice to stay inside.  I took B-train up to The Zone (his favorite BMX spot) so he could practice his moves.  He was in heaven.

 It was my first time to see The Zone.  It is a cool course, but a lot of work.  It's a downhill course.  So every time you go through it (which takes about 32 seconds) you have to then ride your bike back up to the top of the hill.  It was exhausting to watch!  But so worth it to B.

I took a couple little video clips, too.  It was my first try using my SLR for video.  Hope the clips aren't too jumpy.

And that is why I have to buy a new tube for his tires every month or two.  :)

The teeter-totter part is my favorite.


  1. Wow I am very impressed Brandon. I would totally bite it on those skinny planks!

  2. This was just the BEST post! Thanks for the videos too. Brandon is such a natural. It's a blast to watch him - and I loved the sun-drenched halo around Caroline in that last video. And my word, could you have a more beautiful setting? It was unreal. Such a creative idea to build the ZONE - he was definitely "in it!"
    Grandma S