Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Last soccer game

Brandon's soccer season has ended.  He misses it already.  His team ended up doing well.  Their final record was 4-4-1.  When the regular season was over, they had a tournament.  It was intense!  B's team ended their game in a tie, so it went to penalty kicks.  It was oh so close, but they ended up losing by one.  It may have been for the best as far as Brandon was concerned because the next game (for the championship) took place on Sunday, and he would have had to miss it.

We got a few more good action shots.

I love the look of determination in his face.

It is so fun to see his confidence on the field, despite
being one of the youngest.

SO close to heading that one!

While he was happy with the season and wishes he could play in the spring, I was disappointed.  I think we had two practices all season long.  It's hard to learn and improve fundamentals in games.  I'm hesitant to sign him up with this league again, but he's determined that he wants to keep playing.  We'll see what happens.


  1. I feel brandon's pain about losing on PKs. It just isn't fair. Never will be!

  2. Only 2 practices?! How is that possible?

  3. These are awesome action shots of the talented and handsome B-Train! I love his "shades" too - they make him look even more determined than he already is.
    Grandma s

  4. Who needs Beckam! Go, B-Train.