Sunday, October 2, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes--September

9/2--Caroline told me, "When I grow up, I want to have two babies.  I want to name them cucumber and tomato."  

Future mother.
Of vegetables.

9/5--We went out to McDonalds tonight and B got a McFlurry.  He devised a way to burn calories as he consumed them:

He'd have to do a whole lot of those to equal his calorie intake.
But he's an active ten year old boy.
So, who's counting?

9/9--Something I didn't expect to hear out of my three-year-old daughter's mouth:  "I REALLY wish I could be a bad guy!"
Someone needs to tell her that bad guys don't twirl.

9/12--Caroline's latest aspiration, "When I grow up, I want to be a fireman."

9/12--I was apparently concentrating too hard on something while we were shopping, because Caroline asked me, "Where's your happy face?"  
Me:  What does my face look like?
C:  Your disaster face!

9/12--Also while shopping, we saw some embellished jeans that I loved.  I held them up and asked her, "Aren't these cute?"  She said, "They look ugly and selfish."  

9/16--Caroline did NOT enjoy the hibachi process when we were out to eat at Myrtle.  She clung to me and said, "I hate this restaurant.  I don't want to come back here.  My straw melted."  

 Note the melted straw above.

9/20--Care Bear packed some toys and books to entertain herself while we were out.  When she picked it up she said, "My backpack feels like heaviness."  

9/25--Around the dinner table, we were talking about possible Halloween costumes for Andrew and me, things like a fork and a spoon, a prince and a princess.  Caroline chimed in with, "Mom could be a french fry and Dad could be a dragon!"  

9/25--We went for a family walk at the Bog Garden.  Whitney said, "It stinks here."  I asked, "What does it smell like?"  She said, "Racoons."

Beware of raccoon smell.

Random photos for the month

At one of our fun library visits this summer, we watched a Tae Kwan Do demonstration.  Brandon has been channeling his inner martial artist since then.  This month, he wanted to try breaking boards.  He is lucky to have a dad who is willing to put himself in harm's way to assist in his whims.
Watch out!

And, of course, the girls wanted to join in on the action.
  Who says you can't wear a tutu and do karate kicks?


I love this picture.

Three great faces.

B practicing the faces he can pull.

Me practicing my photography skills
on B-train while jumping
He's so wiry!

Love this one, too.

A new favorite pastime:
trying on  Halloween costumes that I would
never actually let them buy.

We call this little toy the Ice Cream Pone.
B got Poned!


  1. If pones come in different flavors, make mine Butter Brickle. Thanks for the latest OOTMOB.

  2. laughed really hard out loud several times on this one. please tell me you're gonna have on your disaster face and your ugly, selfish jeans when you go to buy an iphone. it will complete the experience.

    (just for those reading, she is not actually going to buy an iphone...)

    i can't believe that straw actually melted. maybe i'm afraid of hibachi now, too.

  3. Love the picture of Caroline in the brown shirt. That picture of Brandon's crazy face looks like his disaster face. Awesome post!

  4. From Cinderella Whitney in her tutu doing Tae Kwon Do, to Caroline not wanting to go to the restaurant because her straw melted (among other fire-related things) to B-train comin' atcha with his airborn poses, this was another classic. Thank you!
    Mom Sweat

  5. You got some really great pictures...and Caroline just cracks me up!!

  6. Can't wait to see your french fry costume!

  7. Caroline is cracking me up these days! What a cutie. Tell her Finley wants to be a fireman too. And I want a picture of your disaster face!