Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I took a Time Out

It included belly laughs, violin performances, a few tears, lots of warm fuzzies, a boy band, way too much chocolate, one of my BFF's, and some Mormon celebrities.

Sound fun?

Oh, yes.  It was fabulous!

Time Out for Women is an event that is held in several cities across the country.  This year, they had one in Richmond, Virginia.  When it was originally announced, my BIL Tony was supposed to speak.  I was SO excited and invited all of my in-laws to meet me in Richmond for it.  But then his schedule got rearranged.  Boo.  But I still wanted to go.  So I talked Shelley into leaving our kiddos with our AWESOME husbands and going with me.

We had the best time.  
It was such a spiritual boost.  
I felt like I was walking on air for the next couple of days.  


*Jason Wright's story about his sister giving a newborn puppy mouth-to-mouth.

*Jenny Oaks Baker's violin performances throughout the evening.  She. rocks.  I was blown away.

And I didn't even know I enjoyed violin music.
My favorite piece was "Baby Mine" from Dumbo,
which she played with her 8-year-old daughter accompanying
her on the piano.  That little girl also rocked.
Put my piano playing skills to shame.

*Meeting Virginia Hinckley Pearce.
She radiates the Spirit.
Just like her parents did.

*Staying up WAY too late just jabbing away with Shelley and laughing at the stupid sayings in our chocolate wrappers.  

*Mariama Kallon's story of praying to be able to teach someone from Africa while on her mission at the Salt Lake Temple and then getting up off her knees and running to meet him.  

What faith!

*Brad Wilcox's story of a sister missionary asking him, "Soy fea?"  [Am I ugly?] When he thought she said, "Soy fiel?"  [Am I faithful?] And he told her, "Yes.  Very much."  Oops. 

*Catching up with my friend, Amy.
She was down from DC and we had a quick but fun visit.

*Cheering and dancing to Jericho Road.
Shelley even lost her voice from all our rowdiness.
It's not easy to teach Sunday School without a voice.
But she managed.

Next year, they are holding Time Out in Atlanta.  Shelley and I have already mentally saved the date.  (Tony, can you request to speak at that one?)  We'd love to have a big group of friends join us.  I'll bring the chocolates!


  1. I think that you have been planning this for a long time (?). So glad it worked out, even with the change in plans.

  2. So glad you guys had a great time! Sounds like fun!

  3. How fun! Next year, let's get Tony to Atlanta and head down!

  4. Brooke texted me and said that she saw you there. Small world! I've never gone but it sounds like I might need a time out too.

  5. Thanks for sharing...sounds like it was great, especially the chocolates.

  6. Oh what fun! That's the best way I know of to be "put in a time out" - makes me smile when I remember how sometimes Brandon had to have his toys put in "time out :)" Thanks for the great read.
    Mom S

  7. Wish we could've all gotten together, looks like you had fun! Maybe next year???

  8. Jenny Oaks Baker is phenomenal. I'm in the Portland Ensign Choir and Orchestra as orchestra pianist and got to play in the June 2010 concert with her in Portland when she was our guest artist. I was dumbfounded by her speed, accuracy and musicality. LOVE her!