Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More laughs

The kids were home sick from church one Sunday last month and this is what they did to entertain themselves.

First Brandon.

Then Whitney.

And, finally, Caroline.


  1. michael and i watched this, laughed, and then michael asked, "so, is this what you and andrea are going to do in your hotel room when you go to tofw?"

    wha ha ha ha ha!

    little does he know, we TOTALLY are!

    bwaaa hahahahahahaha!

  2. Must admit this is something I've never tried during a lazy Sunday.

  3. That was so funny! You guys are hilarious!

  4. That was hilarious! Caroline's little voice was perfect for the character. And watch out, she's kissing with some tongue!

  5. Amy--that is the part that cracks us up the most. Where did that tongue come from???

  6. There's something wrong with my computer and I can't download these - dangit! Sure looks funny though.
    Mom Sweat