Sunday, October 9, 2011

Conference tradition

Last weekend was General Conference for church.  It was a fabulous weekend.  So uplifting.  We love just spending the weekend together as a family and listening to the words of a prophet and apostles as they share what the Lord wants us to hear. 

On Saturday night, there is a meeting for the guys ages twelve and up.  One of my traditions for conference is to invite a bunch of my girlfriends and their kids over to keep us company while Drew's gone.  So. much. fun.  Usually we just let the kids run around while we visit and eat.  But this year, we decided to bust out our dance moves.  It may have been my favorite one to date.

The kids had fun gettin down...

and jumpin around.

And then the moms took over.  Yippee.
(Baby Brynn was NOT injured during this dance.)

Shelley and I were scouting talent show 
participants for next year.

We had a blast and got a workout, too.
That's what a call a successful party.  :)


  1. So sad we were out of town and I missed this!

  2. That sounds like so the heck much fun. Invite me over next year. I'd love to see you guys again. Wasn't conference outstanding?!? I loved that week-end.