Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Brandon's playing soccer.  He made a big leap this year--playing on the big fields and in a league with guys three years older than him.  You know what that means?  Post-growth spurt boys.  They are huge!  The season got off to a rough start.  He lost his first three games.  Bad.  We braced ourselves for a long season.

But this weekend, they WON!  It was a close game, but they pulled off an exciting 5-4 win.  Woo hoo!

It has been fun to see B improve over the course of the season, too.  He started off timid and unsure of himself.  But in the last game, he was aggressive and had some great plays.

Here are some action photos.  He's in the green uniform with the red shorts.

This is the guy Brandon had to defend last game.
He was easily more than a foot taller than B.

But B was unintimidated.
He took it right to the big guy.

And somehow ended up consoling the big guy when it was all done.

We're hoping the momentum has swung in our direction and we'll see some more wins in our future.  But, if nothing else, at least Brandon's getting some good experience as the young guy in this league.


  1. that one picture looks like david and goliath. holy cow! i never thought i'd see a picture where brandon looks tiny! :)

  2. Holy cow those big kids are ginormous! They must be 13-14... So glad the B-train didn't let a little height intimidate him!

  3. WOW! awesome action shots, first of all. and B comforting the big guy reminded me of leyton. he has a little trouble taking the ball when someone falls cuz he's busy making sure they're okay! : )

  4. So glad to see he is still playing soccer!

  5. Go B! That guy was huge! Good thing Brandon has Andrew to practice with.

  6. A couple of those shots look like something out of Sports Illustrated. Great going, B-Train.

  7. What great action shots! I think I was leaning sideways and kicked my old granny leg out when I looked at one of them! Awesome!
    Grandma Sweat

  8. P.S.
    Tell Andrew some of those photos of Brandon with that kid he was guarding looked like R.D. Bishop against J.J. Spackman!
    Mom again