Monday, October 31, 2011


Some years Halloween is about the costumes.  This year, it was much more about the candy.  We didn't do a family theme.  The kids all chose their own costumes.  And they were relatively easy to pull off.  So, they focused on the highly-anticipated sugar high.  Woo hoo!

Over the weekend, we had our Fall Festival at church.
  This was a first:  
Kyler dressed up as the Bishop.
Ha!  You know you're special when
someone dresses up like YOU for Halloween.  :)

I couldn't come up with a fun couples costume
for Andrew and I.  So I just threw on a witch hat.
And some black clothes.
And wore my make up a little heavier than usual.
I was SURE someone would say,
"Where's you're costume?"
implying that I really am a witch.
But not a single person did.
Our church friends are so kind.

B-train decided to dress up as a drummer this year.
Andrew thinks it was just a trick to get us to 
buy him a set of drumsticks.
But, hey, if it's a $5 costume AND he can use
it for more than one day, I'm cool with that.

Whit was a black cat.
Care Bear was a little pumpkin.
(Same costume Whit wore as a 3-yr-old,
but I had to give it a facelift.  The last 
four years had not been kind to it.)

We chowed down on several delicious types of chili from the Chili Cook-Off and then the kids got a haul of candy before we left.  

Today, for the REAL Halloween, we just hung out here at home.  Our neighborhood gets CRAZY with trick-or-treaters.  I wish you could see it.  I tried to get some photos.  The quality is poor, but you can get an idea.  I'm so thankful that some of our neighbors get a permit to block off the street into our little cul de sac.  I love not having to worry about the kids getting run over.  Except this year there was one rogue vehicle that snuck in and followed their kids around trick-or-treating.  Boo.  

 A glimpse of the throngs of people in the streets.

There were lines to get to the candy.
Luckily, these three thought the wait was worth it.

Care Bear's teacher lives in our neighborhood.
They were excited to see each other.

The spoils!

I'm sure our dentist would NOT approve.
I guess I could ask him tomorrow.
When we go back for B's THIRD crown prep.
Maybe *I* should be the one that doesn't approve!!


  1. We missed you guys but are glad you had fun! Happy Halloween! And I loved Kyler's costume. Hilarious!

  2. Look at you, getting your Halloween post up so quick! Love the costumes, and I'm glad your neighborhood is hoppin' on Halloween -- it makes things more fun.

  3. What fun! Hey Whitney - black is your color! Look at that ravishing young lady with the raven hair and black cat outfit. Love it.

  4. You do have a hoppin' neighborhood. How fun!! I think I was a cat for multiple Halloweens and I tried to talk Macy into it this year.