Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Curls be gone---momentarily

We love Care Bear's curls.  But we had a little extra time on our hands Sunday morning.  And my flat iron was already heated up. So.... we decided to experiment.

Let's refresh our memories on just how curly her hair is.

All natural, too.

Here's the straight version:

Fancy lady.

It's fun to see how LONG it is.
But I forgot she likes to suck on her hair.
It was curly again by the end of church.

We'll try again in a year or so.


  1. Look how long her hair is! What a pretty girl.

  2. She is super cute no matter what her hair is doing!

  3. she's such a cutie! love her hair both ways.

  4. awww! and somehow the straightened hair makes her look older. what's that about? cute pictures as always! : )

  5. my heart dropped for a minute when I read "Curls be Gone!" so thanks for adding "momentarily!" I love the first curly picture, and she looks so old and sassy with the straightened hair. I bet she was kind of confused when she saw herself since it's such a big change. Beautiful baby girl!
    Grandma S

  6. Wow, that is an amazing difference -- and she is cute as can be either way.