Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A chilly beach getaway

It was hot last week.  Not as hot as Dallas, but we still had a day in the 90's.  But it was just our luck that when we had a quick trip to the beach scheduled, the weather decided to drop 30 degrees.  Brrrrr...  It wasn't quite the bask-in-the-sun escape that we had envisioned, but we had a blast.

The view from our balcony.
Love it.

A quick family photo before we head down to the beach.
Look at my crazy hair!

As usual, B-train headed straight for the waves.
The water felt fabulous.
Like a warm bath.

It was this sea breeze when you got OUT
that was a killler.
Care Bear spent most of her time in the sand.

Whit had a good time boogie boarding.

So did Drew.

Not long after we got down to the water, a fellow beachgoer informed me that she'd seen sharks swimming in and out of the waves close to shore.  It creeped me out.  I didn't want to get in any water deeper than my waist.  You can see the rest of the family were willing to take that risk.  And none of us were attacked.

When we were sufficiently chilled, we packed up all of our beachy paraphernalia
and spent some quality time in the hot tub.
Oh yea.

Thankfully our hotel had indoor water parks.

 B played a little basketball.

 The girls loved playing with their daddy.

Caroline was all over the place in her water wings.
It was cute to see her feeling so confident and independent in the pool.

There was lots to keep us busy other than freezing our tushies outside.

 The girls got balloon animals:  a snail and a sword.

They had a great magic show, where the girls got to help with a trick.

C got her face painted.  A shark.  It made me nervous.

We ate LOTS of good food.

We took the kids out for hibachi.
Their first time.

The big kids (including me and Andrew) loved it.

Caroline liked the food, but that fire was a little
too close for comfort.  She wanted out of there.

 Then next day, Andrew took the big kids out for crab.
 One of their FAVORITE foods on the planet.
Drew said he doesn't think he's ever had two meals 
THAT good back-to-back.

After checking out of our hotel,
we headed to Broadway at the Beach.
That place is so much fun.
If you're willing to spend a few bucks.
Which we normally aren't.
But we splurged.
A pretty girl on a pretty horse.

 Ahoy, matey!
 I almost got sick just watching her.


Double bubble toil and trouble

 B defeated the goblin king.  Woo hoo!

Hold on tight...

 And enjoy the ride!
Care Bear saw lots of other tourists taking their 
pictures in cutouts, so she wanted to join in on the fun.
Pretzel face!

We didn't go in here, but isn't that a cool building?

While it wasn't the tropical getaway we'd anticipated,
we had a fabulous time.
Next time, we'll hope for a little more sun.


  1. Glad you guys made the best of the cooler weather. And what is that building upside down? I am so intrigued!

  2. Love Myrtle Beach. That upside down building is called Wonderworks. Everything inside is upside down also. I think it is a restaurant with lazer tag and rides and games.


  3. looks like y'all had so much fun! love it!

  4. That is the great thing about Myrtle - always something to do even if beach weather disappoints. Where did you go for crab? We have been to Joe's Crab Shack - yumm.

  5. Houses upside down? Now that's a tropical storm.
    Some great shots, Andi.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Yep, Jayne, it was Joe's Crab Shack.

  7. The ocean - the CRAB - Oh I think of Andrew every time I eat crab - and that's not nearly enough times to thin of Andrew because crab is such a treat. These pictures capture everything to a "T" - thanks so much for sharing - glad you were able to get away, ocean breezes included in the fun!
    Mom Sweat

  8. I want to meet the Sweat family at the beach! You guys always know how to have a good time. Hope to see you soon.