Thursday, September 15, 2011

A few random thoughts

*Brandon left for school on his bike and just a minute later was banging on the front door.  When I went to see what was going on, he said, "Grab your camera.  I want to show you something!"  The tone of his voice led me to believe it was going to be a good thing.  And it was.  A beautiful full moon still hanging in the sky.  I was so grateful that my thoughtful boy would put off his trek to school to come home and share that with me.

 My picture doesn't do it justice.

*Our artist extraordinaire, Whitney, came home from school with a spring in her step.  I said, "It looks like you had a good day."  She said, "I'm SO proud of myself!"  She went on to share the news that she has two pieces of artwork on display at the county school offices--one in the superintendent's office and another in the Personnel building. 

Way to go, Whitney!

"Miss Fuddle-de-Duddle"

*Caroline is officially giving up her afternoon nap.  I am SO in denial.  She takes "quiet time" in her room for an hour most days, but has only fallen asleep maybe twice in the last three weeks.  She's at that awkward phase, though, where I feel like she still needs a nap.  If we're driving around in the late afternoon/early evening, she almost always falls asleep in the van.  Oh, well.  You can't make someone sleep.  The downside is that I lose some of my precious free time.  But on the upside, we can stay out later shopping or playing.

 Just hoping her lack of sleep doesn't turn her
into a little monster.

*I won the first week of fantasy football.  I was matched up with Andrew.  It was predicted to be a close game, but by the end of Sunday night, he was up by 52 points.  I had two players in the Monday night game, but figured it was hopeless....  Until Wes Welker pulled off a 99 yard touchdown in the fourth quarter.  Yea, baby!  I was giddy all day Tuesday.

*Andrew took a business trip to Dallas this week.  It was A HUNDRED AND FIVE DEGREES.  I was once again reminded how grateful I am we got to stay in NC with his job and not relocate.


  1. 105 degrees?! We are only getting a high of 60 or so now. Give Miss Whit my congratulations!

  2. way to go, whitney! and that is so sweet of brandon - also, a very good picture. my moon pictures never even turn out!

  3. Brandon is such a neat kid. And Whit is such an artist! Finley's naps are starting to get shorter. I plan on taking his paci away at the end of the month and I am a little worried!

  4. I loved the story about Brandon for so many reasons - that he noticed the beautiful moon, that he wanted to share that moment with his mom, that he knew his mom loves photography. Just a cool moment - so thanks for sharing it! And Miss Whitney is an artist - what a cool talent! And I remember those in-between years when the kids stopped napping and then I'd run somewhere at 4:30 and do everything possible to keep them awake because they had pushed through the cranky 2-4 phase and now we just needed to make it past 7:30 and they could go to bed and then despite all efforts I'd turn around and there would be a little droopy head and I had a 3-year-old awake until 10:00 that night!
    XO to you!
    Grandma Sweat

  5. Nice random thoughts. Great art work, Whitney; great moon shot, thanks to Brandon. ("Carolina moon keep shining...")
    Thanks for sharing.