Friday, September 9, 2011


For the sake of documentation, it should be noted that last month our family experienced our first earthquake.  Actually, Andrew felt several while he was on his mission in Chile.  But the kids and I were earthquake rookies.  And maybe we still are.  Because we didn't feel a thing.  We were at the water park and played around, unaware of any shaking or trembling.  If the wave pool was a little more wavy than usual, we couldn't tell.

But Andrew was in his office and definitely felt it.  When he went to his co-workers office next door, she said she didn't feel anything.  But sure enough, a minute later they heard the news:  there was a 5.8 earthquake in Virginia.

And we came home to find our shed looking like this: 

OK, so this door had some major issues BEFORE the earthquake.  Andrew and I tried to replace it about a year ago discovered that our home improvement talents do not extend to door replacement.  However, it was standing straight up and covering the opening when the quake hit.  Does that mean we can get our insurance to fix it?


  1. Ha ha ha. I would love to see you try to claim that on your insurance. Good luck.

  2. The reason Andrew felt the earthquake? Tall things sway more.
    Suggestion re door: attach hinges.
    We're off for California in two hours.
    Will be there on 9/11. Who, us? Superstitious?

  3. This reminds me of Angie's friend who lives in your neck of the woods and posted something on Facebook showing a patio chair that blew over after the earthquake with the caption "We will Rebuild!"
    Glad nothing worse happened!
    Mom S