Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Labor Day Weekend 2011

Sometimes I wish every weekend lasted three days. 

*On Friday, we met Andrew downtown for another Friday Night Live.  Unfortunately, it started raining.  Boo.  We drove to the Apple store.  This is a new favorite family activity.  We each grab an iphone or ipad and play around with all the fun apps and games.  Brandon says it's funner than Chuck E. Cheese's--and it's free!

*Hurried home for our fantasy football draft.  Yippee!  Andrew looks forward to this almost as much as Christmas.  We let Brandon stay up late to participate live for the first time.  He was hilarious.  We need to work on our draft etiquette.  He kept texting things to our draft-mates that were meant for family ears only.  D'oh.  But the draft was fun!  And we're excited about our teams.

*On Saturday we went to the water park.  The kids LOVE having Andrew there with us. 

Check out the acrobatics they were pulling off.

Yee haw!

 And Whitney tried Daddy-surfing.

And I love having him there because I can ride the scary rides 
that no one else will ride with me.
Wa hoo!
(I'm so bad at self-portraits.)

It was so much fun.
 But Caroline wasn't quite acting like herself.
When I took her on the lazy river, I realized
she was burning up with a fever!

Poor baby.
We took her home and gave her tylenol.
Which she thinks is candy.
And keeps asking for.

*Andrew graciously volunteered to stay home with her.  I'm sure it was just a coincidence that BYU was playing their first football game of the season.  Brandon, Whitney, and I headed out to Kip, Bridget, and Elliot's house for a party.  And let me tell you, they know how to throw a party.

Check out the fruit bowls.
The food was scrumptious.
Andrew and Care Bear missed out.

Whit and her friends made a band and had a parade.

Brisa read stories.

It was wonderful just to hang out with good friends and visit.

Thanks, you guys!

*Sunday the kids needed to stay home from church.  Caroline was acting fine, but Brandon woke up with a terrible sore throat, so I figured we better play it safe.  It was supposed to be my first week serving as secretary for the Relief Society.  So Andrew went to his early morning meetings and then we swapped sick kids after sacrament meeting so I could go to RS.  Yay!  I worked in the nursery for over two years.  I LOVED it and will miss those little munchkins, but I'm excited to try something new, too.

*On Monday, we had a lazy morning.  Then went out for breakfast.  Then met Mac and Diane at the park to play tennis while our kids entertained themselves at the playground.  We were having a great time (and Andrew and I were actually winning!) when it started raining.  We tried playing through it while the kids hunkered down in the van, but eventually we gave up.  And went out for dinner.  Apparently I have something against cooking on holidays.


  1. What a fun weekend! Too bad the kids weren't feeling well.

  2. When I look at the picture of Caroline she has her big, beautiful smile, but her eyes look at little under the weather - bless her heart! Hope everyone is hale and hearty. Love the pictures of the kids in action at the pool too. Love you and miss you. Go BYU!
    Mom Sweat

  3. Play tennis in the rain or go out to dinner??
    No contest!!
    Bon appetit.

  4. When did you get made RS secretary? Did I miss that in a previous post? It's a fun calling and I've loved getting to know all the sisters by name after being in primary for almost 4 years.

    It's probably good to be extra tall when you're flipping kids in the pool. They get much better air with Andrew than our kids will with Dave.