Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Usually, our Memorial Day weekends are spent at the water park on opening day.  This year, we'll only be in town for a couple of weeks before leaving on the road trip.  I told the kids it wasn't worth it to buy passes right now.  So, no water park.

If we're not water-parking, I usually plan some sort of family getaway.  Between spring break in NY, the recent trip to the beach, and our upcoming road trip, I had no desire to travel.  (So not like me!)

So, we got to spend the weekend just hanging out here at home.

And it was awesome.  I am so glad that we can have fun together doing the little things.

We took the kids to see Epic at the theater. Andrew slept through the whole thing. The girls loved it.  Brandon and I liked it.  It was better than I thought it would be. 

Brandon has been itching to go to The Zone to practice his BMXing. So Andrew took him for a couple of hours while the girls and I hung out here at home.

We spent time at the park playing bocce and frisbee.  SO fun. The weather was so beautiful this weekend.  Perfect for spending time outside.  (But a little chilly for swimming. Lucky us!)

We came home and had a cook out.
(Because in NC, barbeque is a FOOD, not an activity.)

What nice roasting posture you have, Whitney.

Mmmmm....spicy black bean burgers.

But not quite as delicious as the s'mores.

Those were all the pictures I took from the weekend. But we also rented movies from the redbox. Hotel Transylvania with the kids. Les Miserables for Andrew and me.  I hadn't seen the new one.  Having it on DVD was perfect because I could skip the questionable scenes that I didn't want to watch.  It was such a great show.  We both loved it and walked around singing the songs for the next several days.

We visited two friends who were both in the hospital this weekend.  

I did lots and lots of yard work that needed desperately to be done.  It was perfect weather for working in the yard.  I got a great farmer's tan on my arms.  

We played tennis with Mac and Diane.  Andrew isn't the biggest fan of doubles, and with his injured body, we hadn't played with them in quite a while.  It was so fun! We split sets, both of them close.

Loved this whole weekend.  What a fun way to kick off summer.  Except the big kids still have two weeks of school left. I guess it was a nice sample of fun things to come.

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