Saturday, May 25, 2013

Science Center Field Trip

Ok, so I had just taken Caroline to the zoo two days earlier, but if her preschool class is going on a field trip the science center....whatcha gonna do?  Look at more exotic animals with her.  This time with friends in tow.  Caroline has a couple of really close friends at school, so it was fun to spend a day together with them and get to know their moms a little better, too.

  She's in a big class this year!

Her two besties from school.
Neither of them will go to her elementary. Boo.
(C was having a good hair day, huh?)



 Sheep hiney

Gorgeous peacock
(that C was terrified of!)

I always love to check for the meerkat on patrol

Caroline took over the camera for a while
and got this shot of a tarantula.
Creeps me out.

Petting a flea--
exactly what all 4-year-old girls like to do.


  1. I think Caroline is always having a good hair day!!

  2. She is looking so grown up these days!

  3. I totally thought, "Oh, Caroline's hair looks so pretty!" Then you mentioned the good hair day. Really, though: such beautiful golden locks.