Thursday, May 2, 2013

What April Looks Like

Connie gave me an effective lesson on packing my van to the brim
as we loaded things for the YW yard sale fundraiser.

Look closely--can you see how the leaves make a heart shape?

Whit and her three friends all made A Honor Roll.
I was so proud of them!

They're a musical bunch of kids.
Especially love those drums.

She calls these her nerd glasses.
I think they're ADORABLE.

First family Grasshoppers game of the season.
It was a little soggy, and the Hoppers lost, but
we still had a GREAT time.

She told me this was her "smolder."


  1. I love those first few pics of flowers! Great job! And how cute is that picture of Fin and C?

  2. I love Whit's A Honor Roll picture. She just quietly and sweetly does amazing things.

  3. Great looking month. Love Whit's smolder, LOL!

  4. Lovely, lovely April in North Carolina! I can almost smell the flowers - and sense the smolder!!