Sunday, May 12, 2013

We love to see the temple

Our Primary at church planned a great activity this year.  We took a trip to the temple in Raleigh.  Since you have to be at least twelve to go IN the temple, the little ones don't often get to even see it!  What a great idea to make a special trip just for them to see the beautiful building and feel of the peaceful spirit there.  We even had a member of the temple presidency speak to us for a few minutes.  It was a beautiful day and the girls both LOVED it and have continued to talk about it for the past few days.  (Brandon had his soccer end-of-year-party, so missed out.)

 Trying to sneak a peek inside.  :)

Savannah and Whitney evaluated the landscaping
and came up with suggestions for improvements.
Future landscape architects?

I was so happy to share these sweet moments with Whitney and Caroline.


  1. What great photos! Especially that last one :).

  2. What a super idea for your Primary children. I love, love, love these photos. I especially like the one of Caroline peeking inside!
    Mom S