Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring Soccer 2013

So, the way our soccer league works, if you played in the fall and sign up in again in the spring, you get to be on the same team as you were in the fall.  Brandon was very excited about this because
1. his team was really good in the fall.
2. he already knew a lot of the players.

It was a GREAT season.  His team went undefeated, winning all eight of their games.  They scored 27 goals and only had TWO scored on them.  It was awesome!  The players progressed a lot and it was neat to see them come together and work as a team more.

The championship game for the tournament was last week.  We thought we had it in the bag.  It's a dangerous thing to think that way.  B's team ended up losing 2-1.  I felt so bad for those boys.  In the fall, they finished in second place by penalty kicks.  And this time they lost by a single goal.  Tough times.  Lessons were learned.

Brandon mostly played forward (striker?) this season.  They also put him in as goalie a couple of times.  That stressed his parents out, but he did great and didn't allow a single goal. He's working on being more aggressive & running AT the ball instead of around it.  He loves soccer and wants to try out for the middle school team next year.

 A little sideline entertainment

One of 27 post-goal celebrations

Taking his turn as team co-captain

That's a whole lotta goal to cover.

But he was calm, cool...

and under control.

Go Thunder!


  1. AWESOME ACTION SHOTS. He looks like he means business behind the goal too - way to go B!
    Grandma S

  2. Brandon looks so small in that huge goal! I am glad he is so brave. I could never do that!

  3. Good job B! Jonas's Spring soccer has just started. I, too, get stressed out when he plays goalie. Glad he had a good season.