Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother's Day

One of my favorite days of the year!

This year, I got invited to Mother's Day Tea at Caroline's preschool.   Holy cow.  They went ALL OUT for us.  

It started off with a musical program where they sang songs
about how much they loved us and how adorable we are. 
Wouldn't that be nice to hear every day?  :)

 The kids were all so excited to have their mommies at school.

They presented us with cook books.
Caroline included her recipe for Diamond Cake:
First, use crystal eggs and drop them in a pan.
Then add a little oil and water. 
Then stir for about an hour.
Next add strawberry mix and stir for 1 more hour. 
Put jewels in, like sapphires and rubies. 
Put in the oven for about 20 hours. 
Take out of the oven, slice and then eat!

Scrumptious. (and painful.  and expensive.)

Look at our pretty flowers we got to take home!

And what a beautiful portrait!
It included a fill-in-the-blank questionnaire on the back.
I love those things.

Here's what Caroline had to say about me:
 My mom is 25 years old.  (I didn't even pay her to say that!)
My mom likes it when I hug her.
When I am at school my mom is sometimes studying and sometimes playing tennis.
My mom's favorite thing to do is play with me.
My mom is prettiest when she goes to church.

Look at all the goodies we came home with!
Such a sweet morning to share with my Care Bear.

On Sunday, I had another great day.
Andrew and the kids spoiled me.
They did their annual photo shoot with me out back.

Me and my munchkins.
B's catching up to me!

Andrew made dinner:  vegetable lasagna with rolls and salad.

I loved B's "supermom" card.
He also cracked me up with his note that said,
"Mom, Thanks for the underwear.  It really helps."

Fun, fun day.

I love being a mom and all the lessons that I learn from my kids as I do my best to raise them righteously.


  1. So fun! And I love that last picture of you and Andrew. So cute!

  2. What a sweet program! You look like you have great kids and you're a great mom!

  3. I like that Caroline included earrings and a necklace on your portrait because you always have such fun jewelry!