Sunday, June 2, 2013

What May Looks Like

So, I don't officially keep track of the kids' funny sayings anymore, but here's a snippet of a conversation I overheard:
W: What are you good at?
C: Helping Mom cook, singing, being cute...

Cute photo bomber

 Lucky girl

 That does NOT look comfy

Caroline's artistic snakeskin shot

Sometimes one book is just not enough

I got to teach the YW a floral arranging 
& corsage making class.
(I didn't know a thing about either
of those before teaching it....had
to do some research. It was fun!)



  1. What awesome, awesome pictures and I am so proud of you for accepting the invitation to teach something you didn't know about - you rock!! XO
    Mom S

  2. You people are all so darned good looking you should be in a magazine.
    Your saying you didn't know a thing about flower arranging before you taught the class reminds me of that saying in academia: Those who can do; those who can't teach; those who can't teach teach teachers.
    We thinks you can do anything you set your multi=talented mind to do

  3. How do they fall asleep in those positions? And Caroline is very good at being cute!

  4. P.S. - Those long, skinny Care Bear legs sticking out of the stroller remind me exactly of her long skinny legs when she was a newborn!!

  5. P.S.S.