Friday, June 14, 2013

Whit's end-of-year fun

Whitney has loved her "tumbling and trampoline" class this year.  She likes her classmates and her fun teacher. She missed her official end-of-year exhibition, so I just snapped some photos of her last class. I love the still shots on the trampoline.

High five for Coach D.

She had a such a great year in 3rd grade. It's hard to see it come to an end.  With three best friends in her class and two great teachers, I don't see how next year can be any better. Caroline and I got to join in on the fun of her end-of-year party.  We got rained out, so enjoyed some indoor games and food.

A little limbo

W's teacher demonstrating the beach relay

Go Whit!

I thought I was going to help with the party.
Didn't realize that meant I'd have to strap on the
giant sunglasses, too.

Getting ready for a little Duck, duck, goose.
Run, Whit, Run!

Caroline felt like SUCH a big girl.

This was a fun game I'd never heard of:
Jump the River.
You move the ropes further and further apart
 and see who can make it over.
 Whit should get bonus points for style.

That's quite the river!
 Whit was voted Most Artistic by her classmates.
That made her day!


  1. Wow that trampoline class looks like a lot of fun! And love the one pic of you Andrea :).

  2. Whit rocks. So happy. So cute. So nice. So grateful. What a great year for her. So proud.

  3. Whit's class was right on their vote. She's even artistic when she jumps!

  4. I love that first photo of her on the trampoline with the beautiful blue background! And you rock those yellow glasses Andrea! And "Most Artistic" is AWESOME. You go Whitney!
    Love you,
    Grandma Sweat