Sunday, June 16, 2013

Another birthday

I had a fun birthday with an extended celebration.  Love that!

The weekend before the big day, Andrew took me out to a new restaurant.  It's called Pastabilities.  It was perfect.  I had yummy pasta with pesto and pine nuts.  It rocked.  And it was very affordable, too.  We'll definitely be eating there again.

There was a cool sunburst behind us, but the picture
doesn't quite do it justice.
(Sidenote:  I got in trouble with my eye doctor for wearing my contacts too much.  Boo.  So I had to wear mostly glasses for three weeks.  Hated it. Now I'm back to contacts, but can't wear the kind that I sleep in anymore.  So sad.)
Afterward, we played a little tennis.  Even with a bad back and a healing ACL, Andrew still kicks my bootie. I'm a good sport, so we still have fun.  :)
Andrew had a work conflict on the actual night of my birthday.  He felt terrible about it, but it couldn't be avoided.  So he took the kids and me out for dinner the night before.  I picked Qdoba.  I'd been craving some delicious Mexican gumbo.  It hit the spot.

 For dessert, Caroline and I both used our Cold Stone
birthday coupons. More yum! 
Not sure why I look like I'm sneaking my ice cream in this shot.

Then, on my REAL birthday, Caroline made me breakfast in bed.
 A little bowl of dry cold cereal.  :)

Andrew and the kids wrote notes of things
that they love about me and hid them around the
 house for me to find.
 So thoughtful!
 The van had the most notes.
Very appropriate.  :)

I came home to find this in my yard:
 Happy. Birthday. Show. Pony.
LOVED it.  So grateful to have good friends.

When Andrew finished his business conflict,
we had a little family party at home.

The kids picked out cute, thoughtful gifts.
And Andrew got me new photo editing software!
I'm still getting used to it, but LOVE it so far.


  1. Your family really knows how to celebrate a birthday! HBTY, AMM.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Happy happy birthday! Love all the notes. And with the whole contacts thing: have you ever looked into laser eye surgery? If it works for your eyes, it's AWESOME! Next birthday perhaps? :-)

  3. ...........and many mooooooooooooooooooooooorrrre.......on Channel foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooour!
    Mom S