Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cousin swap

Last summer, we had Avery stay with us for a few days.  This summer, she invited Whit to stay a few days with her.

Cutie patooties

We met Ryan and Destinee half way to make the swap. It was a Sunday after church and we decided to meet at a park.  Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate.

But that didn't stop Caroline and Mason from playing on the playground.
And getting SOAKED.

It was good to see Ryan and Destinee, even if it was just for a minute.

Whitney had a FABULOUS time spending the week with her cousin.  They went to the movies, painted their nails, visited a splash park, jumped a lot on the trampoline...basically just had a blast together.

After their few days of fun, Destinee and I met in the middle again, this time at an awesome science center where we played for a couple of hours before heading our separate ways.

NC cousins crew
They had a fabulous butterfly exhibit.
They would spray nectar on your finger and you could
get the butterflies to climb right on.

Caroline cracked me up because she wanted SO badly to hold one,
but then would freak out when she got close.
She settled for "petting" a few of them on their wings. 
Our other favorite part was the touch tank.
Sting rays and sharks!
The sting rays would swim right up and let you touch them.
The sharks were much more shy,
but Brandon did get a hand on one of them.

This guy was coming all the way out of the
water to say HI to B-train.

C's fear of butterflies did not translate to sting rays.
She had no problems reaching in to touch them.

She decided this one was coming up for
a kiss and she puckered up!
We also had a good time in the building area
 with GIANT foam blocks

and moon sand.

Destinee and I are already scheming a way to visit this place again!


  1. Wow that science center looks awesome! Where is that one?

  2. That's a great idea to put nectar on the kids' hands! Every time we're at our Butterfly Pavilion we try and try and try to get one to land on us and if we're lucky one will.

  3. What a cool science center! Everyone looks like they had a blast!
    Mom S