Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Caroline's whirlwind couple of weeks

Holy cow.  This girl has been busy!  And as a result, I'VE been busy.  Like, making-my-head-spin busy. The-dishes-never-get-done busy. And I-can't-wake-up-in-the-morning-because-I'm-exhausted busy.

But Caroline just smiled and enjoyed every minute of the busyness


When I handed her preschool director my very last tuition payment she told me it was time to have another kid.  Hmmmm....I don't think that's how it works.

Two of her teachers, Miss Appleburg and Miss Adams.
We'll miss them!

I got a glimpse of how they play "Super Girls and Bad Boys."

It involves lots of hugging on her little crush. Yikes.


We've had bad luck with group swim lessons in the past, so I talked Natalie into letting Finley take semi-private lessons with Caroline.  They are making great progress!  But not actually swimming on their own yet.  (Darn!)

She chose Chick-fil-A for her birthday dinner.


LOVE her reactions to her gifts.  Priceless.

She decided to have her party at Chuck E. Cheese's.
We had it at 11 am on a Tuesday.
It was like I had rented the place for a private party!
We were the ONLY ones there for an hour an a half of the two hours.

She had a great time playing games and eating pizza with her friends.



She has been looking forward to her recital for MONTHS. She loves ballet and is such a cute little dancer. Her class had a Peter Pan-themed dance this time.  LOVED the Wendy costumes.

Class pictures from dress rehearsal.
What a bunch of cuties!

 Ready for the show!

 A great actress.

This isn't our video, but C's the tall one on the far side of the screen:
 One of my favorite parts was when Caroline danced right out of her shoe
and the little friend that followed behind picked it up for her.  So sweet!

I love this cute little jump.

Her curtsy.

Happy to have Audrey and Miss Angie there.

We LOVE Miss Shelley, 
ballet teacher extraordinaire.
(And an awesome Tinkerbell, too!)


Caroline's other love: gymnastics.  At the end of her season, they let the parents out on the floor with cameras in hand.  Woo hoo!


This girl is flexible and strong, which is apparently what coaches look for in a good gymnast. :)  She was invited to try out for the pre-competitive team at her gym. And she made it!  So, this will be our first venture into competitive athletics.  She started this week.  It's pretty intense. They have those girls doing push-ups and chin-ups.  And she hasn't even started kindergarten yet. 

The surprising part for me?  She loved it!  I hope the enthusiasm lasts!

Wow. That was a LONG post.
And I have two more kids. :)


  1. her curtsy makes me so proud. that and the fact that she wore her wendy leotard to gymnastics. :)

  2. The ballet looks "Darling" (punny, I know...)! I wish we could afford to do half of the things your kids get to do. ;)

  3. She sure has been busy! That is very exciting about her gymnastics! I can't wait to see her competing for Gold one day!

  4. I think I herniated another disc just watching her do gymnastics. Let's hope she enjoys gymnastics now...I don't think I know any 5'11" female Olympians. :-)

  5. I totally LOVE those darling Wendy costumes. (Wendy Darling costumes? :-) I can't believe how much she's grown up.

  6. What a joyful post! I love all of Caroline's flying and leaping and tumbling and dancing and swimming and twirling. And I love her teacher on toe shoes too! The still photos of her are beautiful. And I think the looks on the faces of Super Girls and Bad Boy are priceless!
    Mom S

  7. So cute! Loved the video. What a tough teacher tossing all the kids in the air, my arms got tired just watching. I thought Olivia might be close to her height but after seeing this post I think Caroline is much taller. What a cutie!