Thursday, January 31, 2013

What January Looks Like

The (appropriately named) Great Smoky Mountains


Snow Day!  Fun!

Power outage! Not so fun!
OK, it was kinda fun getting by on flashlights.
And candles.

Although the camera flash eliminates the look 
of complete darkness we were experiencing.

The girls snuggled up together to keep each other warm.

Look at this picture taken around 11 pm!
It looks like the middle of an overcast day out there.

The beautiful blue sky the next morning.

Brandon and Andrew stayed bundled up inside.
The girls and I ventured out...
with boogie boards in hand.

Temple trip with Dawn and Carrie.

Trip to Charlotte on MLK Day.

Farewell dinner for Nicolle.
We'll sure miss her and her family.  :(


  1. You got some great sunset pictures there! And can you email me that last picture of all the girls :(.

  2. You've had better snow than we have, lucky!