Sunday, February 3, 2013

Brandon's Busyness

Wow.  Brandon has been run ragged in the month of January.  Lots of good things going on for him.


JYL has Sunday practices this year, so we signed Brandon up at the Y to play basketball.  He's on Team Orange.  It's pretty intense.  I hope he still likes the sport at the end of this season. He's a tough defender, an aggressive rebounder, and hustles to save the ball from going out of bounds.

In a league of 11-13 year olds, there is a wide range of sizes.
B is on the smaller end of that range.

Can you just picture B boxing out that giant
next to him?  Ha!

In his last game, he even put up a couple of shots!
 He got fouled on both of them.
 And made one of his free throws.
Woo hoo!


Brandon started playing the trumpet at the beginning of the school year.  He has had a love hate relationship with his instrument so far.  He would probably tell you that it's mostly hate.  But, he's good at it.   So, he has been complaining about it less.  And even though he doesn't say it out loud, I think it's growing on him.  He had his first concert this month, so we got to see him in action.

Here's a little Ode to Joy...I'm pretty sure.


Since he is doing so well in band, his teacher invited him to join the pep band.  Only three sixth graders were invited.  Pretty cool.  They played for the last three home basketball games.  They were awesome!  He liked staying after school and eating junk food for dinner on those three nights.  :)

Eye of the Tiger!



For the past three months, Brandon has been going to Parisi Speed School.  He trains there about three times a week, for an hour each time.  They really work those kids hard! And Brandon loves it.  I'm so glad.

He improved both his speed and strength.  It's a great program.  But it was getting to be too much taxiing for me.  And it is expensive.  So, we'll be happy with the improvements that he got in that amount of time. Both speed school and pep band ended this month, so I can breathe a sigh of relief.  And maybe spend a little less time in the van and a little more time with my family here at home.


  1. Pretty awesome kid, if I may add from my totally objective, unbiased opinion.

  2. Brandon did such a great job playing! I am so impressed! Way to go B!

  3. Oh baby - from slogging through "Ode to Joy" to the total eclipse of the heart in watching him be involved body and soul in rocking out to "Eye of the Tiger" brought back all the chills and thrills of making music with other people. LOVED IT! And love the basketball photos and speed school drills too. Speed is a skill you say? Hmmmm, maybe there is hope!!!
    Mom S

  4. Speed school looks cool. Wonder if they have a speed school for 40 year old moms? What would the drills look like?

    Fun to see Brandon blowing on that trumpet!

  5. Time to rent some old Harry James movies, or some Doc Severinson CDs.