Saturday, February 23, 2013

The day I was completely spoiled

Days like this don't come along very often.  Or maybe ever again.

Last Saturday was awesome.  I started off the day sleeping in.  Then my breakfast Valentine's Date with Andrew.  Chocolate chip pancakes and hash browns.  Delicious.  Mmmmm.

We hurried home from our date just in time for me to head up to Durham with Becca and Greylyn to watch:

Mary Poppins!!!

Oh. my. gosh.  It was a last-minute plan because Becca ended up with an extra ticket.  I was so happy that I got to tag along.  The show was AMAZING.  The singing.  The British accents.  The costumes.  The special effects with Mary flying off the stage with her umbrella.  Twice.  My absolute favorite scene was "Step In Time." They put on a huge tap number to it.  Loved it.  My second favorite was "Feed the Birds."  The actress who played the beggar woman had a gorgeous voice.  So, so fun!!

I got home from Durham just in time to meet Andrew and the kids for dinner at a friend's home.  (Nope, I didn't cook a single meal that day!) It was delicious, the kids were good, and we had fun conversations.  Perfect.

When we left dinner I hurried home to get all dressed up for:
Downton Abbey party!

A whole slew of my friends love this show as much (or more?) than I do.  Shelley bought the season on Amazon and invited us all over to watch the finale together a day early.  So. much. fun.

I'm glad I have friends that I can still play dress-up with.
Whit and Caroline were jealous.

Shelley had the house decorated all fancy for us.
 We had yummy treats and [caffeine free] tea.
It was so fun to pretend to be refined for a night.

After our tea party, we were ready for the show.
And, boy, did it make us mad!
I *still* can't believe they killed MATTHEW.
Matthew?  Really?  Boo.

But I was happy to be surrounded by friends
who made his death a tad bit easier to swallow.


  1. What an awesome day! I hear you with the Matthew thing, although it isn't really Julian Fellows' fault. The actor who plays him didn't renew his contract, so what were they gonna do? Still, so sad! Glad you had good friends in floppy hats to help mitigate the shock.

  2. Oh what FUN!! Loved your party and the costumes and I'm with you on Matthew. It rivals when All My Children killed off a character named Mary back when Andrew was a baby. I don't watch soaps at all, but did watch that one. And THEN she did a L'eggs pantyhouse commercial which just seemed wrong. It would be like Matthew appearing in an Old Spice commercial this summer or something.
    Mom S

  3. I was bummed about Matthew too. They'll have to do something impressive to get me hooked like they had me. I'm more sad about Cybil honestly. She was my favorite of the sisters. Fun party though!!

  4. All of my guy friends and I were pretty bummed about Matthew too. We were very emotionally invested in his character. Plus, I had Matthew on my Fantasy TV Character team.....