Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What December Looks Like

Christmas lights + snow = awesome!

Care Bear won BOTH of these out of the 
claw machine at the arcade in ONE try.
(We wish she would NOT have won
annoying orange.)

Andrew cracks the kids up when he reads his
versions of C's Diego books.

Look at all the coats the Activity Days girls
collected for charity this month!

This is what happens when Whit
helps me make tortillas.  Cute!

Watch out!  It's slick!!
Too late.


  1. Wow so many great photos! And you have some ups Andrea!

  2. Wow is right. Looks like all kinds of fun in NC. Thanks for sharing. Andrew has got to be envious of how much air you have in that one photo.

  3. Totally awesome! I'm so glad I have these to help my fading short-term memory.

  4. I had the exact same thought everyone else did when looking at all of these awesome photos - "look at how much air Andrea got!"
    Mom Sweat