Monday, January 21, 2013

Spotlight 2013: Andrew

 Andrew, still in his 30's

Notable changes/events in 2012: Released as bishop, partially tore my ACL playing basketball.

Follow-up from last year's hopes:
That I can dunk again. [Yes.]
Finish writing a book.  [No. Not even close.]
Awesome 15th anniversary getaway.  [Ding. Ding. Ding.]

Hopes for 2013:  Have my knee recover so I can start dunking again.  Become almost fluent again in Spanish as I work with the Gate City branch on the high council. That the Panthers make the playoffs.

Favorite sport: Basketball.

Is really good at:  Writing about sports

Wish you were better at:  Exercising

Best part about your job:  The freedom to focus on the things that are most important.

Favorite pastimes:  watching Monday Night Football with Brandon, tennis with Andrea, watching multiple NBA games on my league pass, reading a good book, and snuggling with my girls.

Favorite recent reads:  Driven (Larry H. Miller's autobiography), Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, Earth Unaware by Orson Scott Card

Favorite restaurant:  The Deck House

Dessert of choice:  Ice Cream

What kind of car would you like to drive? Silver Nissan 370 Z

Five things that make you happy: Playing flag football, playing stake basketball, going on dates with Andrea, watching the kids learn and grow and succeed, the gospel.


  1. still in his 30's, but looks 25!

  2. I think you're starting to look younger. Weird. Tell me: how do you do it?

    Hope you'll be dunking again soon!

  3. Ang - getting released as bishop reverses about 12 years of aging...and the sepia-toned photos wash out the grey hair. Good combo.

  4. Love that first picture of Bishop, I mean Andrew :). I still slip up sometimes.

  5. "Released as Bishop and partially tore my ACL" - in cosmic simplicity that says it all. Thanks for sharing these pictures and thoughts of our Andrew. I'm still trying to reconcile this handsome accomplished man with our bow-legged, tow-headed 2-year-old who was crazy about tractors and basketballs, was Angie's eager student and recipient of her wise 4-year-old teaching abilities, and seriously thought his baby brother's name was "No-no" because every time he would get try to pick him up by the neck that's what we'd say! Love you all,
    Mom S.

  6. Don't know which we enjoyed more, this blog or your Mom's comments. Time sure flies.