Monday, January 28, 2013

Our little gymnasts

Both girls have been BEGGING to take gymnastics for the last several months.  Unfortunately, every other little girl in the area has been begging her parents, too, because all of the classes were full!  After waiting not-so-patiently since October, we finally got both of them in to classes.  And it has not disappointed.  They both love it and look forward to it every week.  I have become the mom taxi and am trying to come to terms with that.


Working the bar

Catching some air

Practicing the rings

Walking on a crayon

Gingerly trying out the balance beam

Climbing the rope
(she's strong!)



Assisted back handspring

Figuring out how to use the barrel to help with back handspring

She can do it on her own now!

So fun to watch them having fun, learning new skills, and working hard.


  1. laughed out loud when i got to "walking on a crayon."

  2. Hey! We both did gymnastics updates at the same time. (-:

    So fun!

  3. Hooray for gymnastics! I am sooo impressed with their talent and skills and it's just so fun to see their strong little bodies! I'm so glad they enjoy it too. Sometimes when I go to get the mail I make myself walk along the gutter and "balance beam" it, just for fun. It is not a pretty sight. Go 2020 Olympics!
    Mom S

  4. So fun! Glad they are enjoying it so much!

  5. Even more little gymnasts in the family! And I hear you with the Mom Taxi. Only 4 1/2 years until Brandon gets his driver's license. :-)