Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Recital 2017!

Miss Whitney works HARD all year long for this ONE NIGHT of fabulousness! And, boy, did she put on a show. I absolutely LOVE watching this girl dance. She LIGHTS UP the stage, especially in musical theater. I am so, so, proud of her. This year, Miss Shelley did a dress rehearsal the night before, so I took pictures that night and then just sat back and enjoyed the show in performance night. Here are some of my favorite pics from dress rehearsal.

Musical Theater did the opening number,
a Broadway Medley.

I love how expressive Whitney is.
And how well she connects with audience. 

In her pointe class, they performed to a Zorro Medley.
These costumes were GORGEOUS. 

Such a beautiful dancer.

Miss Shelley combined her top three ballet classes
to perform a short-length ballet of "The Sleeping Beauty."

I LOVED seeing ALL these dancers on stage together.
They did a great job. 

And, finally, they ended with Peter Pan.
Whitney was a highly entertaining Captain Hook.
(Her friends drew a mustache on her for the 
real performance.) 

With Smee
(who also did a GREAT job!) 

And all her little pirate minions. 

The last battle with Peter Pan, right
before Hook loses and gets tossed off the stage.

Since Whit works with Miss Shelley now,
she also got a shout out in the program.

So, so happy that Whit had another successful year at To The Pointe Ballet Studio.
Miss Shelley is a fabulous teacher who pushes Whit and brings out the best in her.
It is inspiring to see how much Whit progresses each year.
Looking forward to seeing what next year holds for her!


  1. Yay, Whit! We loved watching your recital! You did an excellent job! Love you!

  2. That girl is an amazing performer. She has that "it" quality that just lights up the stage. She has many years of portraying beauty with her dancing, and all sorts of characters with her born dramatic flair! Love the costumes too and love Miss Shelly!