Monday, August 7, 2017

End of the school year

Another school year down!
Brandon finished 10th.
Whit finished 7th.
Care bear finished 3rd.
Big years!!

Band and orchestra banquet.
You can just barely see B's long hair in the back row on the left. 

C took her first EOG's this year--
the big End of Grade tests that start in 3rd grade.
Once those tests are done, most of the school
day is spent watching movies. Ugh
 I took her out early one day and we got birthday
pedicures together. So fun!

This was her first pedi.
She's hooked now! 

Temple date with my favorite guy.
Even when he makes goofy smiles.

We made time for a quick visit to Michelle's house
to play with the kitties she is fostering.
She had three brand new ones 
that my girls LOVED. 

Sooooo sweet. 

C's fourth quarter awards ceremony.
She rocked third grade to pieces.
Got A's all year.
Reading awards.
Did amazing on her EOG's.

AND had super behavior, too. 
 She will MISS Ms. D next year!

Her classmates. 

Being silly.

I didn't get any pics of W at the end of the school year,
but she had a really great year, too.
She decided to change her major from visual art 
to chorus. I'm excited to see how that goes next year.

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