Friday, August 11, 2017

Road Trip: SC to TX

One of our favorite fun stops:  Slingshot 
in Atlanta
with an awesome Ninja gym

They also have bowling, which the girls
and I tried out. C had never been real bowling.
She liked it.
W... not so much.

A video clip of some of the action:
(Please notice that I plug my nose before I jump
into the giant bag of air...)

Crop duster

You know you're in Louisiana when...

I liked having B help me drive!

We drove through Georgia, Alabama,
stopped for a night in Mississippi, then through
Louisiana and made it Texas!

Caroline, our animal lover,
picked the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, Texas
as another fun stop.

It was HOT while we were there.

She got to feed a giraffe,
which was pretty awesome.

They hang their stoplights horizontally
instead of vertically.

They love big flags.
Both U.S.

And Texas.

They love their cows.

And have cute entrances to their ranches.

And just about every little town that you drive through
has both a Dairy Queen and a donut shop.

We made it to San Saba!
We love Grandma Cuca!!

Playing cards

Going to Mass

One morning we drove out to the wedding oak.

I don't think my kids had ever been there.

Of course Caroline had to climb it.

I'm so glad we had the chance to go out,
because about a month after we visited,
this happened:

So sad.

We also stopped by the swinging bridge,
another San Saba landmark.

Or, as my kids see it,
another place to do stunts!

We did our annual shopping trip
to the cute little shops downtown.
I love Texas.

How cute are these shops??

Had fun visiting with cousins.

And aunts.

Stopped at the Mill Pond.

We went for a walk at the River Nature Park.
We liked taking silhouette photos on the railroad tracks.

Stopped to visit Uncle Augustine and Aunt Ani
on our way out.

It was not a very long visit, but we love spending time with our family in San Saba. Last year was the first year in a LONG time that Grandma Cuca didn't come on at least part of the road trip with her. She didn't feel up to it. I was afraid her road-tripping days were over. But, I'm very happy to report that I was WRONG. This year, she was feeling well and we took her with us when we left Texas. Yippee!


  1. Very nice pictures. Thanks so much for the recent blogs.

  2. I love those pictures on the train tracks! Also Finley recently plugged his nose while dry jumping too! LOL!

  3. C had never been bowling? What? Looks like a fun ninja gym and family visit! The train track pictures are cool!