Saturday, August 5, 2017

What May Looked Like

B needed a pic to take his first ACT!
He's getting so old!

Whit got to speak at the 3rd Quarter awards 
program at her school. 
She did a GREAT job offering some words of wisdom.

And she also got an award for A honor roll. 

She has worked HARD this year.
So proud of her. 

Two of her school besties. 

A weaving project from school. 

Backyard s'mores are the best. 

 Cinco de Mayo =



Baseball season!

Love it when we run into C's kinder 
teacher at the games! 

Garden planting time!
We decided to just go with four tomato plants in this bed.
And we planted lettuce and spinach in the other one.
Keeping it small this year. 

 A bird built a nest in the little cubby 
underneath our mailbox.
Caroline, our animal lover, LOVED watching
the baby birds grow. Unfortunately, they didn't
survive to adulthood and that was HARD.
She found them on the ground on her way to the
school bus. Very traumatizing. Poor girl. 

Dress rehearsal. 
Love watching Whitney work with these little girls.

Andrew and the kids gave me THE BEST Mother's Day.
First we went to C's school and hit softballs.
It was SO fun.

All of us had a good time.
Even the girls took turns hitting,
which I think was a first for them.

Then we dropped off the kids at home and 
Andrew and I went geocaching.
It was a BEAUTIFUL day. 

And we found a couple of the caches we were looking for.
One was on a tree that has grown over the years.
Anyone under 6'6" will NOT be reaching that one! 

We came home and showered and then Andrew
took me out to Cheesecake Factory for dinner.
We hadn't been there since they opened one up here in town.
SOOOOOO good. 

And THEN they made me vegetable lasagna for dinner on Sunday.
I felt so loved. And spoiled.

We studied the Book of Revelation in seminary this month.
I can't remember exactly what this pic was supposed to be.
Like most of that book. :) 

Full stage make-up for her recital!
When did she become a grown-up? 

B's band put on an AWESOME spring concert.

Miriam has been one of B's good band friends.
She graduates this year and he'll be sad to see her go. 

Post-concert fro-yo. 

Pics from our road trip to Minnesota.

 I love having another driver in the van!

The above photos were all from the drive out.
The ones below are from the drive home.
It was a quick trip.
I think we spent more hours in the car than we
actually did in Minn.

Andrew didn't want to get stuck in Memorial Day traffic,
but I talked him into stopping in Mt Airy at one of their 
cute little soda shops for a break.

Totally worth it.

 We celebrated C's birthday here at home when we got back.
I love watching my kids grow up.
There is fun in every stage of parenting.

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  1. You are rocking the updates! Love reading all of them.
    Grandma Sweat