Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Road trip 2017! Home to Greenville, SC

It's that time of year again. My favorite! Time to pack up the van (including my own suitcase!) and drive across the country. Yee haw!

Our first day was a quick jaunt down to Greenville, South Carolina. 

We stopped at the cute zoo there.
The worker said she needed to see my husband's ID.
Uh.... that's my son.
Weird. That's that first time that B has been mistaken for my husband.

It started sprinkling while we were there.
We liked how the orangutans
made make-shift shelters. 

 Outside of the zoo is a fun playground.
We hung out there for a bit.

B's slides got wet during the rain storm, so he left them on the 
roof rack to dry while he played at the playground...
but then forgot to get them out of there when we drove away.
We we got to our hotel, he realized his mistake.
We drove back to the zoo, but could only find one.

I've REALLY been wanting to take the kids to a Broadway-type show this year. My first choice was Lion King. It didn't come to NC, but happened to be playing in SC right when we were driving through. Yippee!


I couldn't get over the creativity of the costumes.
I am amazed by others' artistic talents! 

All of us loved it.
Great start to trip!

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