Saturday, July 29, 2017

What April Looked Like

Yard sale!
Last year, before our cruise we had a yard sale
for the kids to earn souvenir money.
We did the same thing this year.
It's a great way to de-clutter and let the kids have spending money. 

General conference party 

The climbing girl 

Caroline won our March Madness bracket! 

Whit leaving on her field trip before the crack of dawn.
They sure look happy, considering how early it was. 

My first smartphone met its death. :(

Caroline and I had a fun visit to the science center.

They've expanded the aquarium
and it is awesome! 

Love it when Andrew and Andrea end up
next to each other in gift shops. 

B is way into thrift shopping, vintage clothing, and 
quirky random finds. I thought he might like
these random shoes I found at Goodwill.
But apparently not enough to pay $20 for them. 

Easter eggs

Miss Whitney turned 13!
I have two teenagers!
And I love them. :)

This awesome girl made her own
birthday cake from scratch! Yum. 

I chaperoned a field trip for C
to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham.
This is the fossil dig area.
One of the little boys said,
"I think they just give the kids shovels
so they don't have to pay someone
to find the fossils!" 

Romeo and C got to do a geology experiment. 

Getting close to recital time for W!
She's playing Captain Hook in this
year's production of Peter Pan. 

I also got to join B's English class on a field trip
to a murder mystery lunch.
B was the one who got murdered!

Fun to see him with his classmates.
And he recovered well from his death. 

One of my favorite ballet costumes for Whit.

Our dear friend, Margaret, from church, fell and broke her hip.
I stopped by the hospital to see her.

Spring is springing on our maple tree!

Whit also planned her whole birthday
party. We had a few Harry Potter-themed activities.
She sketched this head for
Love it!

Scavenger hunt written by Drew.


We had stake conference in April.

Whit and I sing in the stake choir.
Do you like our singing faces? :) 
We stopped to visit Margaret in her rehab facility after conference.

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  1. I love your singing faces! I love all of your faces! I'm so glad you're getting caught up on your blog!!!