Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Our church's annual talent show was last week.  Unfortunately, Andrew was out of town which messed up my plans for a fabulous performance with Michael and Shelley.  Maybe next year.  Whitney and Brandon both shared talents.  Whit sang "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid.

She loves to sing!  But not to be reprimanded.

And Brandon played two songs on the piano:  
Ode to Joy and Toymaker's Dance.

His piano lessons are going so well and it was fun to see him sharing.

This year, there were tables set up to share visual talents as well.  Whitney shared two pieces of artwork that she's done in Mrs. Bettini's class.
 A self portrait

And a painting of vegetables.
(My personal favorite!)

Way to go, kids. You rock!


  1. I love the vegetable painting! What talented kids you have!

  2. They Both did awesome! But you forgot to mention Caroline's dancing and her backup signing. Next year you have to have all three kids performing at once!

  3. Thanks so much for posting these videos! I can't get them to play for some reason but I will keep trying. It will be "almost" like being there! I loved hearing Andrew's side of the conversations when he would call home to check in on how things were going while he was visiting us. We sure enjoyed having our Boppy with us!
    Love to you!
    Mom S

  4. How fun! And W is very artful!

  5. Such talent!
    Whit's voice is so sweet, and I love the artwork too...she and my Grace are a lot alike :)

  6. Ohhhhhh!!! I remember being about Whit's age and singing the exact same song! I never was a princess girl, but I did pretend I could sing like Aerial. Whit sounded great!

    Awesome job on the piano, Brandon.

  7. If Anonymous will come over to our house, she can see and hear her super talented grandchildren.
    We loved 'em all.

  8. Great job, kids! Singing, playing the piano and the Care Bear dancing. I loved it! And lovely art work, too. Precious children.