Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A few more Busch Gardens pics

Andrew did a great job documenting the highlights and funnies of our Busch Gardens trip.  But there were a few pics that didn't fit into his running diary that I still wanted to document.

Andrew going for the tie in the 3-point in contest.

 Waiting in a little darkened corridor for the child swap.

B going crazy on the whack-a-mole game.

 He won!
And got this cute little monkey.

Riding the tea cups while Andrew
took his life in his hands on Apollo's chariot.

 He survived.
Just barely.

 A little snippet of Celtic Fyre.
LOVED this show.

 So did C and W.
This was their reenactment when the show was over.

 The bald eagles.

 Drew and B-train going hands free on the Grover coaster.

Waiting to ride Oscar's Wiggly Worms, the only ride we all did together.
 It was fun!


As we were leaving, Andrew noticed that our mugs were
right next to each other in the gift shop.  Awwwww.


  1. I hope you bought those mugs.

  2. I think you better watch out for Mug Sarah. She's out of place and getting pretty close to Mug Andrew!

  3. Mug Sarah! Skulking around, all non-alphabetical.

    I loved that photo of the woman in front of Drew on the roller coaster. That's a pic of yourself you want floating around the interwebs!

    Great pics. What a fun trip.

  4. Yeah, that Sarah (Palin?) is everywhere these days.