Friday, May 6, 2011

Maryland friends

Our friends, Christian and Mandi, have moved from NY to Maryland.  When I checked Mapquest to see how far they were from Williamsburg, it was a quick three hour trip.  Three hours?  Piece of cake.  We checked out of our hotel and hit the road.  But then we hit the DC traffic.  And it started SEVENTY miles away from our destination.  D'oh!  Ended up taking us six hours.  And reminded us of another reason we're grateful to live in a mid-size city and NOT a big one.  :)

We had a fabulous (but way to short) visit with Christian, Mandi, and their girls.  And celebrated Easter early. 

 We hunted for eggs.

 Enjoyed our spoils.

 Had fun with Christian's ipad.

 Had even more fun with the Barbie jeep.
(Caroline did a lot of driving on this vacation.)

 Brandon's manliness did not deter him from taking a turn.

 Chased each other around the park.

 Threw alley-oops.
(How do you spell THAT?)

 And dunked.

 Also colored eggs.
That weren't quite hard boiled.
We found that out the hard way.
When Christian and I dropped several.

 And we did all that in less than 24 hours.

Next time our visit will have to be longer.
And can we take a helicopter?
Any other ideas on how to avoid that nasty traffic?


  1. Next time you should let us know and cram in a visit with us too :)
    DC traffic is NOT fun, most of the time you can avoid a good bit of it with timing and alternate routes.

  2. fun side trip! at least it wasn't snowing... my friend april was stuck in DC traffic for something like 12 hours this past winter. eep!

  3. The helicopter sounds like a good idea. Bet Brandon could fly it.

  4. Andrew and Christian are brothers separated at birth! So fun to see these pictures.
    Mama Bear