Monday, May 16, 2011

Future BMXers

Near our home is a plot of cleared land.  I think someone was planning to build townhomes before the real estate market crashed.  So the land had just remained empty for the past few years.  We've seen people riding dirtbikes and four-wheelers there and decided to take the kids on their bikes and give it a whirl.

Caroline wasn't so sure about riding around in the dirt and mud.

But she gave it a little try.

Whit had fun riding around, but didn't try anything crazy.
She's a smart girl.

Brandon was all over the place.

He might not like roller coasters,
but he is a little daredevil on his bike.


Woo hoo!

And I'm happy to report that there were no major injuries.
Took me back to my days of riding bikes 
around the desert with my brothers.
Good times.

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  1. If you take a bike along on your trip out this way maybe Brandon can do an Evil Kenieval across some of the rivers.