Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nature walk

Just about every Monday, you can find Caroline and I on a walk with our friends.  We love our walking group.  Or stroller brigade.  Whichever name you prefer.  I love getting some exercise.  Care Bear loves playing with her friends on the playground when the walk is finished.

A few weeks ago, we had a more exciting walk than usual.  It was full of animal life. And Caroline was LOVIN' it.

First we saw baby ducklings in the lake.

They are just WAY too cute.
I wish the duckling phase lasted longer.

Then we spotted an adorable baby turtle crossing
our walking trail.  Clara picked it up and showed everyone.

But the BEST part was when we got back to the park
and TJ let the kids play with the baby chicks he got for Easter.

Caroline picked out the one she loved.
And she didn't put it down until TJ left.

She even took it for a ride down the slide.

Every week since this one Caroline has asked about the baby ducks, the baby turtle, and the baby chicks.  And we haven't seen any of them since.

But last week we did see this cool duck:
At least I thought it was cool.
It was not a baby,
so Caroline was unimpressed.

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  1. Yay for stroller brigade! That is our new group name. I miss the babies too. Their poor mommies and daddies. It must be so hard that the babies grow up so fast!