Sunday, November 2, 2014

This is Halloween

The girls have been planning their costumes for months now and were SO excited for Halloween to get here! Our first celebration was the Fall Festival/Chili Cook-Off/Trunk or Treat at church.

Caroline was a "Witch Kitty."
She designed her costume herself.
All I did was purchase the little cat nose-thingy
at the dollar spot in Target.
Such an independent little thing. 

Whitney was a peacock.
One of my favorite Halloween costumes ever!
She came up with the idea herself and we
googled different costumes until we found one we thought
we could replicate. We ordered the feathers and this
is what we came up with.
I love it!

Do you remember this panda mask from the road trip?
B had originally said he wanted to be a panda for Halloween,
using this awesome mask.
But, you're not usually supposed to wear mask to church parties.
(Or at least that's what I always heard growing up.
Not sure that I actually heard an announcement like
that this year, so maybe I should have just let him wear it.)

So, instead of wearing the creepy-cute panda mask,
he decided to face paint a super creepy Joker costume.

When we thought B was going to be a panda,
Destiny gave me the fabulous idea that Drew and I
could dress up as zookeepers!
Even though B changed his mind,
we decided we'd be the zookeepers for the girls:
(Good thing B is getting big enough that I could 
borrow his scout shirt for my zookeeper uniform!)
(And I wish someone would have told me the bottom
of my shirt was all skeewumpus!)

C had fun with the photo booth props

Drew was in charge of passing out our candy.
Creepy Joker was in charge of scaring young children.

Love the creativity with some of the trunks.

Mendy and Nick's 

My favorite:
 Kelly and Tom's giant mouth.

We had a great turnout
and wonderful weather. 

Fun, fun night.

For the real Halloween, we trick-or-treated here at home. Our neighbors didn't get a permit to block off the street like they usually do. I was worried that we'd be slammed with traffic, but most cars still park out on the main parkway and walk through the neighborhoods. So it wasn't bad.

Jayne and S are in town.
We were so excited to spend the holiday with them.
They came over for dinner beforehand...
and the power went out. Crazy.
Thank goodness for Papa John's!
 S was a dementor.
B put his creepy joker makeup back on.

Not-as-creepy shot.

This was the first year that B went trick-or-treating on his own. He and S met up with some friends for a while. They had fun and got plenty of candy.

C got to trick-or-treat with B,
her kindergarten bestie.

Whit didn't get to trick-or-treat with L,
but we made it all the way down to her house.

And the moms got to have a mini-reunion,
with Amy and Jayne both in from out of town

And now we're on to constantly picking up candy wrappers from all over the house. :) 


  1. Great costumes, great pictures; great people.
    "Skeewumpus" should be the latest fashion statement.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the zoo keeper outfits! And Whit's costume turned out great!

  3. Love Whit's costume so much. and I was wondering where you got your zoo keeper shirts because they looked QUALITY! and Caroline looks so adorable. Brandon is creepy - I was just reading Amy's blog and I think B and Jack should join forces they'd be awesome in together! XOXOX
    Mom S