Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What October Looked Like

Whit having fun with her peacock feathers before
we put her costume together. 

The girls put together "restaurants" for us while we play tennis.

Had fun babysitting for a friend.
Caroline loved being the "big girl". 

Apparently, C did not get the fear-of-height gene
that runs on Andrew's side of the fam. :) 

I got to decorate W's classroom door. 

A beautiful random tree on the way home from school. 

Look at what my kids can make out of sticks and grass!
I think they told me it was a TV. 

Wearing orange for anti-bullying day. 

Breast cancer awareness day. 

Princesses have to do homework, too. 

The middle school band got to play The Star Spangled Banner
at the high school marching band competition.
 Even with a small turnout, they sounded good.
 (Parents got to pay seven bucks to watch their kids!)

Two carrots Whitney harvested from our garden.
Jumbo and microscopic. 

Love this tree in our yard in all its red splendor. 

Halloween snack at school. 

We made "dirt and worms."

My brother, Mark, told us about a rocket that was
being launched off the coast of Virginia.
We were in the viewing area, so took the camera
and headed off to watch.
With tall trees all around, I decided this overpass might
be our best bet to catch a glimpse.
I wouldn't stand there again. Too scary with all the cars
zipping by on all sides. 

We hung out for about half an hour and never
saw the rocket. We were bummed.
But the moon looked cool as we were leaving.
(Found out later that the launch was canceled due to a boat in the launch area.)
(Found out even later that the rocket exploded at the rescheduled launch!) 

Gate City tennis came to an end.
Diane and I went 8-1 on the season. She is a wonderful partner!
And our team finished second, just ONE point behind Sherwood.
Go Adams Farm!


  1. How in the world did C get all the way up so high in that tree?! Yikes!

  2. That would have been awesome if you would have watched the rocket explode!

  3. October is the BEST month - and your blog captured it!
    Mom s

  4. Beautiful people, beautiful trees, beautiful moon...can't beat that.