Sunday, November 9, 2014

Seventh Annual Pilot Mountain Hike

I love family traditions. And I love that my kids love family traditions. I have a tendency to look back with rose colored glasses and the establishment of traditions. But it's not easy! I opened the blog post from our very first trip to Pilot Mountain back in 2008. The kids hated it. They were grumpy about hiking and complained the whole time. I'm so glad I didn't give up after that first year, because now our trip is something we look forward to every year. We can't wait for the end of the first quarter at school, because there's always a teacher workday and we take the chance to continue the tradition.

This was another BEAUTIFUL year. The weather was PERFECT. Everyone was healthy and happy. We enjoyed a leisurely hike and the gorgeous views.

Here we come! 

Mid 60's? We'll take it!

A little family photo shoot before the hike.

Caroline makes this face/pose all the time.
She calls it her rabbit face and makes a little squeaky/groaning sound
to go with it. Cracks us up.
We all decided to make our best rabbit pose. 

Out on the rocks that are too freaky for Andrew. 

And where the wind always whips my hair.
But not in a good way. 

LOVE the views from up there!

And the fall colors, too.

Our jumping pictures

And pictures from the hike.

Still doing his ninja warrior training 

And now we've officially hit the time of the year that goes by in fast-forward.


  1. Oh good! We get to comment before Grandma Sweat does. Great pictures of family and scenery. Good close ups of the fall leaves. NC looks like a very beautiful state; no wonder the Hiatts settled there way back when. Wonder if any of them might have climbed that same mountain?
    You're all looking like you're having a lot of fun. Keep those traditions going.
    Love you all,
    Tevye and Golda

  2. That bunny picture is cracking me up! You guys are hilarious!

  3. Oh goodness the autumn colors are bejeweled! and we were there with you not too long ago and it was a perfect hike (although I think I had shoe issues or something lame, but it was still a perfect hike).
    It was so cool to click on your link to the hike 8 years ago. Caroline, baby girl!! And now look at you guys - all looking just as hunky and beautiful and gorgeous and winsome as the group 8 years ago! and one of you is getting kinda old.......