Saturday, November 22, 2014

Skater Girl

For the past three months, Caroline has been taking ice skating lessons at the skating rink just up the road. The Learn to Skate program has six-week sessions, with half-hour sessions once a week. For her first session, she signed up with a friend. She had fun skating with Tess (and I had fun visiting with Tiffany!)

They both passed Basic 1 and were ready for Basic 2.

Tess didn't sign up with us this time, so C was on her own for Basic 2.
At the beginning, she had fun.
Towards the end of the second six weeks, though,
she wasn't so excited about it.
She would complain about going,
but then always seemed to have fun out on the ice.

Today was her last lesson.
She really has learned a lot and
improved tremendously over the last 12 weeks.

Look at the wide range of ages in her class!

I attempted to video the performance,
but my darn camera died in the middle.
I put both halves together into this little one minute clip.
She's the second from the left,
in a bright pink cap.

She says she wants to be done with skating for now.
I think she's going to take a break from after-school activities
for a couple of months. She might try soccer in the spring.


  1. So Fun! But yay also for soccer in the spring! I think she is still young enough to be on Finley's team if she wants!

  2. OH CARE BEAR YOU CAN SKATE BACKWARDS! I BOW DOWN IN AWE!! Caroline you skate so expertly and beautifully! I can't ice skate because the Hiatts all have weak ankles. Grrrr. Maybe it's the Russell side who knows, but I don't think any of the Hiatt clan have ever donned our skates upon the ice to frisk. Have you heard that saying? It goes like this: "Little Susie donned her skates; upon the ice to frisk; wasn't she a brave young girl; her little *. Get it? Har har har. It actually cracks me up a ton! Love you - happy almost Thanksgiving.
    mom S with congenitally weak ankles although when I scrub the tile floors I throw water down on them and get my scrub brush and literally skate backwards in my bare feet whilst I scrub. I know therefore how it "feels" I just need to be able to bend all the way forward and hold onto a scrub brush and I too would be able to skate backwards like Care Bear!

  3. This weak-ankled Hiatt tried ice skating ONCE....Couldn't take two steps. Caroline is going to be the next Sonya Heine. (Now that really dates me.)