Thursday, October 30, 2014

Parent's Day Out

Andrew gets Columbus Day off for work. But the kids have school. That leaves us with a fun day to ourselves! (But we have to be home by 2:45 when the girls get off the bus.)

We wanted to play tennis, but it was really rainy the weekend before, so the courts were soggy and that didn't sound fun. Instead, we went out for a yummy breakfast. I got pumpkin pancakes that were scrumptious. Then we drove up to Lake Brandt to do some hiking and geocaching.

The leaves have started changing and I had this vision of gorgeous fall foliage pictures. Instead we got this:

Creepy, foggy day

But the temperature felt awesome and we had fun hiking. I think I'm the only one in my family that likes geocaching. We found three caches. The area around Lake Brandt is gorgeous and has fun walking trails, but the caches were off the beaten path. And Andrew kept getting spider webs in his face. And once we walked into barbed wire. I just saw it as part of the adventure. I think Andrew would have preferred to just take a leisurely walk on the well-marked paths.
But look at the cool caches that we found:

SO worth it.

And look at Andrew's cool blue eyes
Siberian husky.

And here is my attempt at a nature photo shoot
on a foggy, overcast day.

 One of several giant spiders we saw,
apparently trying to catch Andrew in his web.

 Look at that giant root structure!

 Little peek of fall up there

Just picture a beautiful blue sky in place of that hazy gray.

Love random days off and time to spend with my favorite guy.


  1. You guys are the cutest couple!

  2. It's not very often that I have pictures of adults as my screen saver but you and Drew in the Siberian husky photo are too beautiful/handsome to pass up! Great post - love the foggy weather too! XO Mom S