Thursday, October 9, 2014

Camera roll dump

The pictures just keep piling up! And life is busy, busy. So, here's a dump of a bunch of pictures from my phone that capture little moments in this happy life of ours.

Caroline and Emily match!

Tennis date nights have been FUN lately! 
Andrew still wins every time, 
but he has to work a lot harder.

Whit and L making homemade toothpaste, 
inspired by a book they were reading at school:  
Toothpaste Millionaire.
They tried vanilla flavored
and PICKLE JUICE flavored.
(They were both gross!)

Went geocaching for a family home evening activity one night. 
The caches were hard! 
B had to climb this tree for one...
And we had to climb down under this tunnel for the other.

C is becoming quite the Lego artist. Look at her oil lamp!

We collected smashed pennies on the road trip.

C's cheetah outfit

Remembering 9/11 at the elementary school.

C and two of her buddies.

How can she sleep like that?

Whit had a good visit with Dr. Buckley in Sept. Her vision is good and stable. She does not have binocular vision, which means her eyes don't work together the same way ours do. She can't see 3D movies and can't be a commercial airline pilot, but other than that has learned to adjust without it.

We go back to Duke in two years and when we checked out, we were told that Dr. B will no longer be seeing patients for routine eye exams. What?! We didn't even get to say goodbye. :(

We'll miss him and are so grateful 
for the amazing work he did with W's vision!

B and C found chocolate frogs at the store and were so excited to try them!

Date night! A dear friend from church watched the kids overnight for us. Andrew and I went to Chapel Hill to watch Dorrance Dance Blues Project. It was an AMAZING tap show! First we ate dinner at the dumpling food truck pictured above. They were yummy, but overpriced.

Then we enjoyed the show.
It was live music and tap dancing. So awesome.
I wish I could have filmed it.
Here are some excerpts I found on youtube:
Imagine an hour of that.
Hugely entertaining and memorable.

We stayed the night in Durham at Hotel Indigo..
my favorite. (Although the years have not been kind.
It's looking a little run down.)

Spent the next morning at the temple.

Whit and I loved the General Women's Meeting.
Happy to spend this special evening with her.

B got new glasses!
Top: Before (notice the duct tape)
Bottom: After. Looking good!

Fall is here!
Just barely.

We were driving home from a fun dinner out and there
was a GORGEOUS sunset. I kept trying to find a good
place to pull over and get a picture. Too many trees!
By the time I found this spot, the peak of the beauty had passed.
Still nice, though.

What happens when I leave my phone on
the counter while I cook dinner. :)

Tiffany and I went to Gridiron Girls.
It was kinda lame this year.
WAY too much talking.
Not enough playing.

C got the Dolphin Award at school for Responsibility.
They had a special breakfast for all the responsible kids.
Which then made them late for class. :)


  1. Did I mention that you are such an awesome friend for coming to see my sister's show? I am so glad you had fun!

  2. I love camera roll dumps! Brandon's glasses look great on him and boo on Dr. Buckley being out of our lives. Long live Dr. Buckley! Whitney has been blessed beyond measure by his expert care.
    Mom S