Monday, October 6, 2014

Family Portraits

While we were in Utah having our reunion with Andrew's side of the family, we had family portraits done. We used the same photographer, Dani, who worked her magic with us two years ago at Bear Lake. She did it again! I love her pictures! She shared 250 pics, but I'll narrow it down to a few of my favorites for the blog.

The whole crew

All the grandkids with grandma and grandpa

Drew with his parents and siblings

With the in-laws added in

The girl cousins

The boys

Caroline Rose

Whitney Amelia

Brandon Trey

The 8th graders

The first graders

A few of our little family

Me and my hottie

Our not-so-little-anymore kids

The teens and tweens

Giving the teenage-sassy look
(or at least trying)

All the cousins

Silly faces!

Love capturing our family at this moment in time. This was the last cousin picture before Ethan went off to college and became an actual young adult! Weird.


  1. So many good pictures! What a beautiful family.

  2. Looking at these made my heart sing! I think I'm going to create a wall of wonder in the downstairs family room above the couch - it might end up with 40 photos but it's a big wall - there's so many cute kids and parents to highlight. Love you all!
    XO Mom S

  3. Those are great! It's fun to see the kids growing up!